Fields Of impact delivers interactive workshops for skills development within the Early Childhood and Community Services sectors.


Early Childhood Education Workshops
Are your child care educators forgetting the basics? So run down with paperwork and protocol that they are forgetting how to engage and have fun with the children? This very concern is not unique to you… Read More

Community Service Workshops
Is your community service in need of workshops with an impact to engage youth? In recent workshops we covered: Transitional pathway programs- Career planning, workplace readiness, mentoring Adventure based learning- Designed to engage youth to discover the excellence within themselves … Read More

Routines and Transitions Workshop
Routines are an integral feature of early childhood services. This workshop by Fields of Impact facilitators starts by showing educators the difference between Care Routines and Routines that set up the Framework for the day. … Read More


Mentoring in Early Childhood Services
Does your service need support with staff and their practices? Fields of Impact offer tailored mentoring services, that can be stand alone or follow on from workshops to ensure staff have the know how and confidence to implement … Read More