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July 2018 program

Fantastic holiday program! Kids in contact with nature, team activities, play area, learning to love and respect ..happy kids happy mums. Thumbs up Kiera

Marika Mulder Germishuys / Email

My son was so excited to share his day with his sisters from last school holidays that he is taking them tomorrow to this school holiday program. He can’t wait to share this experience with his family….. Mr 6 has been counting down the days ……. Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment for our children

Mel Britt / Facebook

My daughter had a fabulous day with Kiera & the crew. So many wonderful experiences & memories to share. Thank you!

Jo McIntyre / Facebook


My step daughter absolutely loved being involved in the holiday program at the Cage she’s wants to come back every holidays!! Keen as a bean!

Angie Bowers / Facebook

Olivia absolutely loved her days at the July holiday program. She came home with so many stories of all the exciting things she did. She loved every moment and can’t wait to go back. Thank you for delivering a program that gets our kids away from technology and out into nature.

Lauren Lee / Email

My daughter loved the holiday program. She has asked to go back every day

Jo Middleton / Facebook

Early childhoop education Workshops

Was great fun, interactive and left feeling more confident in my ability to get up and just be silly with my kids when telling stories and using puppets.

Bekkie-Jae Leal / Facebook

What a fantastic session we had today with Fields of Impact. We were all very creative and made lots of finger puppet/plays to use with our children at our service. I can’t wait to see and hear the educators using all of these next week 😄 thanks Kiera your very inspiring.

Sarah Jane / Email