Building Resilience

Building Resilience in yourself and the children and young people you work with.
(2 hr workshop)
So how do we build resilience?
Before we can educate children to build resilience first we must focus on our own resilience.
In this 2 hour workshop we invite educators to really look at themselves and how they have built their resilience.

  • Using small group activities we talk about our foundations and connections with ourselves and support networks around us.
  • How to regulate our negative emotions so that we intern can role model and teach this to the children.
  • How to introduce mindfulness to your day –lets relax, reflect before you respond, then recharge and reboot.

Resilience is a learnt behaviour, as educators we need to ensure we are equipped with the skills to foster children’s resilience so they can, adapt, bounce back, make great choices and grow from an adversity.
This is a powerful workshop that lets participants reflect on their own resilience and how this impacts the work they do.

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