Routines and Transitions Workshop

Routines are an integral feature of early childhood services. This workshop by Fields of Impact facilitators starts by showing educators the difference between Care Routines and Routines that set up the Framework for the day. How through Routines we give a sense of security and wellbeing to meet a child’s physical and emotional needs. Giving children the capacity to gain a sense of time and order to anticipate what is going to happen.

Through interactive sessions we brainstorm, think, encourage and motivate in order to provide continuity of learning so children are well supported.

The last half of the workshop educates staff on how having Transitions reduces stress for both children and educators, minimising potential health and safety issues and is vital in teaching children to deal with change, to listen and follow directions.

We have fun using props, finger pays and oh so much singing….So if your staff love engaging and want to build that sense of belonging through Routines and transitions, then this is the workshop for your centre.

“Rather than seeing the routines and transitions as a means to get to “Learning experiences” utilise these times for learning”