Early Childhood Education Workshops

Are your child care educators forgetting the basics? So run down with paperwork and protocol that they are forgetting how to engage and have fun with the children? This very concern is not unique to you and your service. In fact, most that we speak to feel frustrated and looking for ways to inspire and support their staff to build on their skills and enjoy educating.

Our workshops cover :

  • Back to basics,  Make and Take Resource Workshop- Designed to bring educators back to basics of childcare and showing them how to use and make cost effective resources all with a hands on delivery mode. All educators will get to make a finger puppet set ,Magnetic / Velcro story or Apron story in which they will keep and use the next day. Lots of engaging fun !!!


  • Resource Ready- Designed to build confidence, use resources confidently, readily and multiply ways for maximum benefit with children. It  also encompasses how to read stories to engage children, Lets excite the child in all of us.


  • Transition and Routines- Educating staff on the difference between Transitions and Routines and recognising that both play a vital role in the wellbeing, sense of security, learning and development and are integral feature of a well run Early Childhood Service. This workshops pairs nicely with a Mentor session the next day in the service where we can observe skills learnt in the session being implemented and feedback can be given and applied.


  • Team building – Highly interactive workshop to strengthen every aspect of team cohesiveness. Through fun based activities we will have staff uniting and having a greater awareness of how each member contributes to the success or failure of the team. We create a ‘can do’ attitude that will establish clear, confident and effective communication skills. This ultimately will help to improve company morale, culture, build trust and establish cooperation. ( follow up session can be packaged together for consistency and support the ongoing changes happening within services)


  • EYLF ( Early Years Learning Framework) the ins and outs and how to stay abreast of current industry practices.