Community Service Workshops

Is your community service in need of workshops with an impact to engage youth?

Our workshops cover:

  • Transitional pathway programs- Career planning, workplace readiness, mentoring
  • Adventure based learning- Designed to engage youth to discover the excellence within themselves through adventure based activities – trust building activities, problem solving and decision making. Powerful outcome based program that allows youth to develop skills and confidence, challenge beliefs and deepen relationship with themselves and others.
  • Team building – Highly interactive workshop to strengthen every aspect of team cohesiveness. Through fun based activities we will have staff uniting and having a greater awareness of how each member contributes to the success or failure of the team. We create a ‘can do’ attitude that will establish clear, confident and effective communication skills. This ultimately will help to improve company morale, culture, build trust and establish cooperation. ( follow up session can be packaged together for consistency and support the ongoing changes happening within services)
  • Life skill programs- Strength based program to improve positive outcomes for youth by helping them to prepare for their future. eg- Health and wellness, Community engagement, money management ( opening up a bank account, Budgeting etc)